Guadalajara is a major destination for U.S. and Canadian visitors coming for medical and cosmetic dental procedures.

Thousands of people visit Guadalajara each year for the very best medical and cosmetic dental treatments at the very lowest prices possible.

We are proud to say, The Hollywood Makeover is located right here in beautiful Guadalajara surrounded by the most famous surgeons and dental specialists in the world.

The medical community in Guadalajara is enormous and here you will receive the cutting edge plastic surgery, cosmetic dental, laser skin resurfacing, weight-loss surgery, and male and female enhancements.

The rich culture of this incredible city is well known, and while here you will enjoy the scenic surroundings of the gorgeous parks and architecture, as well as learning of the history of this magnificent area.

The world-class colleges and universities in Guadalajara produce the finest surgeons and cosmetic dentists. And, together with the state-of-the-art hospitals and surgery centers, and the use of board-certified standards and FDA-approved materials, you can be assured of receiving the very best medical and dental treatment possible.

When comparing prices to anywhere else in the world including the U.S. and Canada, Guadalajara is an easy choice. Prices are up to 80% less!

Guadalajara is only 2.5 hours from San Diego and the average round-trip plane ride is only $326 (OneTravel.com).

We invite you to write directly to any of our doctors and dentists for a low, all-inclusive price quote.

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