Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

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Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Stretch marks are characterized by red, white or purplish colored streaks in the skin. Over time, the coloring of stretch marks often fades away on its own, leaving marks in the skin that are often lighter then the rest of the skin. These marks, which can often look like bolts of lightening running throughout the surface of the skin, do not tan along with the rest of the skin because they are a form of scarring.

Lasers are very effective because the intense targeted laser light has the ability to make the collagen and elastin molecules absorb the light, and by doing so the stretch marks are reduced or eliminated. It may only require one treatment to improve stretch marks, though repeated treatments may be necessary depending on your skin condition and depth of the stretch marks. Improvements occur at a rapid rate and within a year most skin types revert to a state similar to the way it was before developing the stretch marks.

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