Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment 

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Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment

Desquamation is the natural process in which skin cells are sloughed away and replaced. Salicylic acid helps correct the abnormal desquamation process that occurs in acne-prone skin. It works as an exfoliant, promoting the sloughing away of dead skin cells.

New skin cells are created in the stratum germinativum, the deepest layer of the epidermis. From this layer, the cells begin their migration to the skin’s surface. Once the cells reach the uppermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, they are essentially dead. These tightly packed cells of the stratum corneum continuously fall as newer cells push their way to the surface. This deal is for a Salicylic acid peel which is especially helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle, but is effective for all facial conditions. It encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris. In this way, it reduces the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin. The treatment is very comfortable due to the use of a high-tech Zimmer Cooler for reducing the temperature of the skin.

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