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The Beautiful

Guadalajara Medical Center Inn

Among the treasures in beautiful Guadalajara, the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn stands alone as the most beautiful surgery recovery inn you can possible imagine.

With more than 50 elegantly appointed rooms and suites, the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn offers a wonderful European-style motif and an exceptional staff to take care of your every need.

Offering a spacious interior and incredible ambience, you will enjoy wide-screen LCD TV’s, multi- channel cable with many movie channels, free-in-room high-speed wireless internet and impeccable baths.

Each room is carefully appointed to take the very best care of recovering patients following surgery.

You will enjoy delicious food in the gorgeous dining room, or scrumptious meals brought to your room at your pleasure. The Guadalajara Medical Center Inn is a modern and spacious home away from home.

Guadalajara is a worldwide destination for medical treatments, and the city is fun, exciting, and full of adventure and culture.

Enjoy the unique richness of the city by visiting magnificent museums, art galleries, water parks, archeological wonders, historic sculptures throughout the city, and beautiful town squares and gardens.

This is a city full of delights, with music everywhere.

The top surgeons in Guadalajara visit their post-surgery patients at the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn on a daily basis as needed.

Only the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn offers the unique care, comfort and medical care by registered nurses that is so important to doctors. They know, when staying here, your care and tranquility is assured.

English is spoken, so there is never a problem with communication. All arrangements for transportation to and from the airport, hospital and doctor follow-ups are made for you.

The Guadalajara Medical Center Inn takes care of everything. Welcome!

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