Pubic Liposuction

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Pubic Liposuction

For those that have a fat accumulation in the pubic area creating a feeling of self-consciousness, or that may affect the way your pants or bathing suits fit, a pubic liposuction surgery (also known as public liposculpture) will certainly help. Most people with fat in the pubic area do not realize that it can be easily removed in a quick 30 minute procedure. Pubic liposuction is commonly performed on women of any age who wish to reduce the size and fullness of their genital area. It is especially common in women who have previously undergone a tummy tuck. While many people feel embarrassed by excess genital fat, you may rest assured it is entirely normal and very common. The procedure removes about 50 to 70% of the volume that can be pinched between the fingers in the treated area, which results in a flatter genital shape. This deal offers only pubic liposuction, but it is most commonly performed at the same time as abdominal liposculpture. If you wish to have a discounted combination procedure, please write us for a special price.

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